I passed my driving test on Thursday the 27th. My driving instructor Ash was perfect he was never late, he asked for a very reasonable price and he taught me the skills to pass the test first go. I highly recommend him as a driving instructor. He is very calm and will not lose his temper at any mistakes made, which there were many. Thankyou very much Ash!


This morning I went for my p’s and at the time 5 other learner drivers were going as well, I was the only one to pass and its all thanks too Bexley Driving School and the great driving instructor Tony Stillone. I felt so comfortable in every lesson, during the test and now driving on my own. If you want to be a safe and confident driver go to Bexley driving school. My older brother and our family friends have all passed our p’s first go and im sure you will too if you book in with Bexley. Thankyou so much Tony!


I just got my P’s WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHooooooooooooo!!!! Thanks Ray you are the best driving teacher in the whole world…….. I went through two other teachers who were hopeless and just made me nervous…Then I met Ray and he made me calm and taught me how to be a good confident driver in a practical way that I could easily understand….If you call Bexley driving school make sure you ask for Ray as he is the best…


I am writing this email to compliment one of your staff members, Lily. Having had a not very positive experience with another driving school, I was hesitant to try out someone new. After several positive recommendations from friends, I rang up your driving school and booked a ten lesson package. On 29th June 2010 I attempted my Ps test at Beverly Hills RTA and passed on my first attempt. I am very grateful to Lily for her professionalism and also friendship not only during our driving lessons together, but also the day leading up to my Ps test as I received a very positive and reinforcing call. I wanted to take the time to acknowledge her as a very valuable member of your team, and have recommended her to my mother, who at 46 is sitting for her Ls test this coming Monday. Once again, thank you as a driving school and Lily as an instructor for a very positive experience.


I was very impressed with the service provided by your driving school and as such want to provide feedback. Your website is excellent and gave great tips to assist both learners and drivers, after calling and talking to Tony decided to book my son in for a couple of lessons to pick up on any errors I may have passed on to him during driving lessons I gave him. The instructor, Lily was excellent, she immediately made my son at ease and picked a few critical errors in his driving which I had not been aware of so it was also a learning curve for me too. I travelled in the vehicle so also benefitted on her knowledge and driving skills, something I recommend parents to do particularly those who may not be in touch with all the new rules. Even though my son did not pass his test the first time, I do not blame anyone but my son, as the reason he failed was the one main point that Lily had pointed out where he had a wekness and he knew he must correct, however perhaps due to nerves or otherwise he forgot during the test. It should also be noted that there was only one student who passed on the day my son took the test, so it was tough, ironically that student who passed was from Bexley Driving School. Thankfully using the skills that Lily had shown him, he corrected this before his second attenpt and passed his test the second time around. I have no doubt that if he had not taken the lessons with Bexley Driving school he would likely still be on L’s. Both David and I are grateful for the valuable lessons learned and have already highly recommended your driving school to others.

Peter Maloney

Bexley driving school helpd me alot with my driving ive improved heap’s just from the 1st lesson . i was very impressed by my instructor Cosimo and enjoyd all my driving lessons with him . I past the very 1st go on my test and was very pleased . thank you so much Cosimo and bexley driving school for my results … =]


Bexley Driving school was excellent. My instructor Tony was very helpful and knowledgable, he really increased my confidence as a driver. The prices were very reasonable, especially for students. I passed my test first time and i am incredibly greatful to Tony for teaching me everything i needed to know and preparing me very well for the driving test.


Bexley Driving school came highly recommended to me by a work friend. As such I knew right from the beginning I was learning in a trusted driving school. Tony, my instructor was a great guide, helping me learn how to drive safely and confidently on the roads. He was always willing to answer any questions I had and make sure I understood things completely. He taught me everything I needed to know about the driving test, and just good driving in general. I ended up passing my test first time, with 99%. Absolutely everything is covered, all in a friendly manner. I highly recommend Bexley Driving School. Thanks Tony!!!


Bexley driving school was excellent with the great guidance from my instructor tony who is also very friendly I passed my test first go and I would highly recommend Bexley driving school to all on there Ls or for there test.


After being reffered to by family to Tony at Bexley Driving School I was able to pass my P’s test first go in a manual car. Out of all the learners at my time slot (about 5) I was the only one to pass at the RTA. His approach was proffessional, calm and very friendly. Would reccommend this driving school to anyone! Thanks Tony!